Where located and hours of operation?

Ekartraceway is Located at SM North Edsa City Center, 3rd Floor, Quezon City, Philippines. Open 7 days a week, 10:00am to 10:00pm. No Reservation needed. Walk-ins are welcomed. No age limitations.

Reservation needed?

Nope! Only cadet classes on every Saturday morning or only groups of 10 or more on Saturday or Sunday are recommended to reserve and expedite registration(for 18 and above), and check in process.

For 18 and above you can pre-register at www.racefacer.com/en/register to expedite when arrive.

What should we wear and prepare?

Just arrive with your shopping attire and wear a closed toe shoes or sneakers, (close toe croc slippers are available to rent for those who arrive with heels or flip flaps). Long loose hair need to be tied up, and be ready to have some safe and serious fun.

How to reserve for Cadet beginner’s classes and racing clinics (by aapointment only.)?

To confirm Your child’s attendance, please Forward the following @ [email protected] :

  • 1. Name
  • 2. Age
  • 3. Requested date of class to us at .

Private lessons are also available at 4,900 for Jr. Kart and 5,900 for Adult Kart.

Payment options and instructions to confirm reservation.

1. Pre Pay at the Ekartraceway site.

2. G-cash to 0917-177-5361.

3. Direct deposit to BDO acct of “SHW Entertainment Inc.” #011338005375

4. Sent payment receipt or screenshot to [email protected] or 0917-177-5361.

What is the best deal?

The 3 ride session package is our all around most popular deal. Only the yearly membership is better for regular karters. Our goal is to encourage as many young drivers to be more confidence, courteous and to consider motorsport as one of their hobby or sport. Many raw talents need to be discovered, and practice make perfect.

Why don’t you set it to top speed?

We do set some proven experienced drivers everyday with total respect for others and our equipments to allow many enjoy higher speed, it is at the sole discretion of the stewards. His decision is final. We can’t wait for all to be on the higher speed setting, but speed also comes with responsibility, any incident caused by abusive and discourteous driving will be black flagged and session suspended immediately with no refund. If damage to our equipment occurred, it will also be the sole responsibility of the driver. Always introduce yourself to our friendly safety stewards and ask to track your lap time and progress.

Why only 7 minutes?

Yes, This is not your typical bumper kart venue, or a traffic slow drive on Edsa but a simulated high performance driving track. Most experienced drivers are exhausted after 5 minutes pushing the track and kart limits, due to 13 technical high G-force radius turns, if more time wanted for beginners, our 2, or 3 discounted sessions are the best deal for same day packages to practice.

What’s the age requirements and limitation?

Ekartraceway is “not” age restricted but weight and height, limitation for our Jr smaller kart is around 5’4” and 50 kg. This is set for the comfort and maneuverability of the driver, each body size is different, the driver will be the final judge.. typically, many 1st time 4-5 year old at around 48 inches or 4 ft who can reach the pedals, understand and “follow” simple directions and have a good developed motor skills are having fun with our Jr. Karts after only a couple of sessions.

Why karting seem expensive?

To clarify and justify the rate, we did a lot of research and lowered our initial rate to insure as many people as possible can experience and enjoy our venue, being the 1st ever 300+m long “indoor” with elevated high performance track in the city limit at one of the largest conveniently located SM mall with AC and parking. You can just arrive and drive as you are while shopping.. all helmet, baclava (head sock) are inclusive.. Many family who want to experience or learn to drive in a 4 wheel vehicle don’t really have the opportunity to experience this. The other options are to drive 6 hrs R/T to Pampanga, Clark or Batangas and then add their rental rates, requirements due to being a gas karts w smell, fumes, exhaust, noise and open sky to hope it’s not that hot or pouring rain. Many has already ride for 10% 20% discounts or ride for free with our referral program. Here at Ekartraceway.com has many surprise discount packages and promos, check back often so all can enjoy.

What are the restrictions of 2-seater combined total?

Our dual controlled 2-seater kart are mainly for fun ride and a teaching platform for learning. Many PWD friends can enjoy with parent or friends. It can also accommodate larger single riders up or combined weight up to 150kg.

Controlling driver must deposit a valid driver’s license or ride with one of our staff instructors.

How fast does your karts go?

The Adult Karts are much faster then the track can handle due to its short length and many high G turns. To get to 35 second lap time only take a few sessions with an experienced driver, to shave off another second or 2 or 3 require a lot of track time to connect all 13 turns perfectly.

Many parents, grannies and adults had enjoyed our Jr. Karts for the first time and all had a blast driving learning with their family. So yes, adults are welcomed as long as they don’t exceed our weight and height limitations of 5’4″ or 50kg.

As for the speed capability, so far less than 1% of our patrons can drive our karts close to the limit.

Remember speed without control is reckless and possible incidents or injuries, not just for yourself but to others around you.

Why combine Jr and Adult Karts?

Ekartraceway will always combine “all” karts to simulate real life experience on a road, however, we have many and will entertain groups of 8-13 to ride with each other if they don’t mind waiting. Many also wait for the traffic to disperse before going out for a fast lap, we can also reserve separate sessions geared toward specific groups (8-13) during the week.

For our race sanctions we will have class separated by karts/age/weight and gender to be fair. Many had also opted to wait & request ride sessions just for Jr or adult karts. We will always try our best to accommodate when possible.

At Ekartraceway, we “demand” respectful driving w emphasize on safety, bumping, reckless, out of control or bullying just to pass someone will earn a black flag due to no run off space, repeated offender will be shut down & session over with no refund, after all, it’s our kart, our equipments & our staff.

Replacement parts and shut down time to repair are extremely expensive.

Our terms of engagement is “If you break it, you’ll pay to fix it” treat our equipments like it’s yours. Don’t push your limit, it can get really expensive in a second.

What is our Education Program?
  1. Ekartraceway’s Cadet beginners driving academy is just like any sport training camp. This is the cheapest and will expedite the proper learning process without cultivating bad habits. It consist of 3×7 minute ride sessions with instructor guidance, class room instructions before and after each session, with Q & A.
    Promo price now at ₱3500 Jr. karts, ₱4500 Adult karts. Reservations required.
    • Our goal is to educate as much as possible the art of driving in a safe, controlled and respectable environment while having lots of “Safe & Serious fun”. Duration of class is around 1.5-2 hours.
    • Class sizes are limited to 10/class.
    • “Jr. karts beginners classes” (every Monday and Wednesday from 10-around 11:30am) except race days
    • One on one private coaching are also available in Jr karts and Adult Karts . It must request a schedule for instructor availability.
    • Private lessons from Monday-Friday @ 10:00-4:00pm only
    • Please reserve only by email [email protected]
      • Name
      • Age, weight
      • Requested date/time of class
      • Proof of payment.
  2. Our Summer training camp March-September cadet classes are on going. It’s blistering hot out side, but not here. There’s no cheaper or easier place in Metro Manila Philippines to introduce our young to the world of motorsport than Ekartraceway. Skill set learnt will last a life time of driving & may just save a life some day. Drivers start as young as 4 years old when they can reach the control pedals.
    • Summer Program include our regular cadet 3 ride session.
    • Monday and Wednesday @ 10:00-11:30am.
    • Limited space avail, full payment confirm reservation.
    • Price also include (10)more practice sessions on any Monday-Friday @ 10:00-5:00 pm at a deep discounted rate “This is only avail to our students”.
    • Promo price for the 1st 100 students.
    • 12% VAT exclusive
      • JR karts at ₱8,500 (reg ₱9,500)
      • Adult karts at ₱11,000 (reg ₱12,500)


READY, SET, LETS RACE! Registration and payments start on the 1st of each race month and end at 5 pm on the Friday before the race day. Payment must be received by 5 pm on the Friday before the race day for grid confirmation.
*Registrations and payments received on the race day will incur an additional charge of ₱500.
*Once the grid # is sold out, registration will be closed.
*Format will be a 3 session event (practice/qualifying/Race).
*Due to limited space, category will be separated by age, weight, & gender.
*Points will be accumulated for our year end championship race.
*Price now is ₱ 3500 for adult karts (Max up to 100kg). And ₱2500 for Jr Karts must be (60kg or below). All Inclusive.
*We reserve the right to alter the groupings. Or cancel the race if grid numbers are not met.

Full payment at POS, GCash 0917-177-5361, or Online BDO bank transfer Account Name: “SHW Entertainment Inc.” and Account Number: 011338005375
Sent payment receipt or screenshot to
[email protected] or 0917-177-5361 with registration will ensure a grid space.
Please visit ekartraceway.com/registration/ for registration and waiver forms.