Thank you Niana, Ranz and team, and yes Ekartraceway is all about offering the whole family a safe and serious fun while shopping at SM NEdsa QC
The racing son Andretti and daughter Akhina of Race Champion Alvin “SpeedDevil” Santos supports the soft opening of the new 1st indoor full electric EKARTRaceWay last May 1, 2022 founded and operated by Mr. David Hsu.
Pleasure is all ours. Practice make perfect, our goal at Ekartraceway is to educate as many as possible on the art of driving while having fun and have total respect for other fellow drivers around them. These lessons learned will have life long benefit when they are ready to face the real world w total confidence and courtesy.. bravo to your child at such a young age who really want to learn the hows and whys, not just to pass someone. Speed will always be the byproduct of a smooth driver.
Take a lap around our multi level race circuit with an 8 year old Adele Sofia! Who says girls can’t drive? Current unofficial best lap time with the Jr kart is at 42.99 second by a 6 years old boy. the chase is on… who’s going to do better? See you at the track! We are open daily for your no speed limit hi performance driving experience..